Semiconductor Services


Semiconductor Services

Semiconductors are practically indispensable to the evolution of today’s IT society. This evolution of semiconductor manufacturing does not have any boundaries. From the constant attempt to miniaturize circuits at the micro and nano-level to the complex production of large diameter and sized wafers, the evolution is constantly happening, directly or indirectly.

At T&K Worldwide Commerce Pte Ltd, we provide any and all kinds of support regarding semiconductor manufacturing equipment so that the evolution in IT and Tech sector is never discontinued. We are one of the largest suppliers of semiconductor-electronic manufacturing equipment in Singapore and other parts of the world.

We provide one-stop support from the very beginning of the manufacturing process to the evaluation, inspection and quality assurance so that our clients could achieve optimal performance.

We provide CMP retaining rings, wafers, wafer frames and second-source equipment parts, in addition to our position as one of the market-leading providers of gas detectors in many parts of the world. Our team of smart, hardworking and skilled engineers, operators, and product designers also provide our clients with wafer reclaiming services as well as wet-process consumables and spares.


Products & Services for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chemical Mechanical Planarization Retaining Rings

The CMP Retaining Rings are subject to our highest level of production standard and post-production quality check. At T&K Worldwide Commerce Pte Ltd, we make CMP Retaining Rings in both 300 mm and 200 mm sizes. However, we are not bounded by these 2 sizes only. We also make CMP Retaining Rings in customized shape and sizes fit any and all of our clients’ needs.

Wafer Frames

We also make Wafer Frames of 200 mm and 300 mm sizes. Like CMP Retaining Rings, we offer customized Wafer Frames according to our clients’ needs.

Second-Source Equipment Parts

In addition to CMP Retaining Rings and Wafer Frames, we provide an alternative source for different equipment parts.

Reclaiming Wafers; Providing Test Wafers & Shipping Boxes

Along with manufacturing different equipment parts, at T&K Worldwide Commerce Pte Ltd, we work to help several semiconductor manufactures in reclaiming prime and test wafer for re-use. We also offer our expertise in making completely new test wafer in our ideal sizes that are 200 mm and 300 mm. However, if a client requires an adjustment to the size, we also offer our dedicated team of product designers and engineers to their project and finish it within the least amount of time, keeping quality assurance in the front foot.

Our Partners

We partnered with ABB , 3M, DOD Technologies In., EZ Semiconductor Services Inc. and other renowned companies to give our clients the best products and services regardless of their company or industry they belong in.


ABB is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial automation, power grids, and robotics & motion, serving clients in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure all over the world.


3M has years of expertise in microreplication, molding, nanotechnology and high purity isotopic materials. They provide solutions which help enable the uniformity, cleanliness & precision your semiconductor manufacturing processes demand.

DOD Technologies In.

DOD Technologies In. is a leading semiconductor manufacturing company who has 96 Continuous & DOD64 FTIR Sequential gases analyzers with more than a thousand machines working each day, all over the world.

EZ Semiconductor Services Inc.

EZ Semiconductor Services Inc. was established with a simple goal to provide end-to-end professional support for this semiconductor industry. EZ Semiconductor Services Inc. stands out from all the other semiconductor-related companies because they provide end-to-end solutions — beginning with the chip design to mass manufacturing, which makes them a one-stop service provider.