Our Partners

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Our Partners

DOD Technologies Inc.

DOD Technologies Inc. is of the pioneer for global suppliers who provide integrated industrial gas detection equipment and solutions. Their number one priority is Safety at all cost.

Their gas leak detection setup and equipment are designed and developed to keep the employees and the workplace secure from any fire, explosion, suffocation, as well as any other injuries related to toxin inhalation.

The portable gas detecting monitors allow you to test the gases whenever and wherever you need to evaluate the air/gas quality. Their reliable, affordable and quality products and services have made DOD Technologies a trusted partner to Semiconductor, Specialty Chemical, Solar, Polyurethane Foam, Engineered Wood, Wastewater and Emergency Services industries.


ABB excels in lightning protection solutions, power grids, industrial automation, electrification products, and motion and robotics technology. They have been serving their clients with their utilities, transport, industry, and infrastructure related products and services in, more than 100 countries.

ABB has a history of 130 years, providing digitalized products for industrial or research application. To help build a sustainable future, they have top-notch machinery and skilled workforce who are dedicated to provide the best services and products related to lightning protection, power grids, and similar technologies.


KINIK is a well-reputed company who are specialized in manufacturing grinding wheels for over half a century. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology and a wonderful customer support which makes them a sole dominator of their industry. With outstanding quality products and services and a trained team, KINIK is capable of meeting their clients’ expectations by manufacturing custom design and specification products while ensuring quality and efficiency for those parts.

KINIK is always conscious of the environment and they follow necessary safety codes and measures to ensure their processes are not affecting their surrounding in any way. Their insistence on the technology development, the product quality, and application innovation in addition to the assistance of the government grants had turned them into a technology-leading manufacturing company worldwide.


GasTron, the amalgamation of Gas and Electron is a leading gas detection system manufacturer who helps detect gases accurately in your workplace with their unique and efficient electronic ways. They believe avoiding any gas-related incidents from happening, it is best measure to take before the possibilities could even exist. This reflects greatly on their logo where they imply the danger of gas related accident with red and the safety measures with green.

They are an user-oriented manufacturer whose only goal is to supply premium quality products while ensuring safety in all situations. This has been their motto and since their establishment in 1992 and with the quality of products and support they provide, Gastromn will stay on the top for many decades.

New Cosmos Electric Co. LTD

New Cosmos Electric Co. LTD gathered a wide range of products for their clients, ranging from residential gas alarms, portable gas detectors, industrial gas alarm systems up to modern odor sensors using New Cosmos unique gas sensor technology, which are being used all over the world by different industries, households, and off-sight projects.

Their popular odor detecting sensors development has pushed the safety factor to a whole new level, especially for the medical sector use and closed facility detection. Their vision is to contribute to the betterment of environment as well as prevent any industrial accidents to affect the surroundings, which is why they have a good reputation among different industries that use their odor detection technology to identify gas-related leaks.