Gas Detection Systems

We are the market leader in industrial toxic-corrosive gas detection systems

Gas Detectors

A wide range of fixed and portable gas detectors which covers
multiple detection principles. Used in petrochemicals, oil and
gas, marine, and other hazardous industrial environments.

1.ChemLogic Portable X (CLPx)

2.ChemLogic 96-Point Continuous Monitor

3.ChemLogic 8 Continuous Gas Detection System

4.DOD64 FTIR Gas Detection System

We also manufacture gas detectors for residential use.

  1. Residential & Industrial Gas Alarms.
  2. Portable Gas & Odour Sensors Portable Gas & Odour Sensors.
  3. Type of detection varies between detectors (Toxic,

Used By Semiconductor Plants, Cleanrooms, Emergency Response And
Laboratories Worldwide.